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The Week magazine says "Pradeep Henry's name is synonymous with innovation."

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  • 08/27/18--10:35: LIFE
  • Based on a pretty good amount of research, I came up with this concept that could be life-changing for many. Will provide some explanation as soon as I find time. Meanwhile, notice that VICTORIES are for OTHERS!

    If you do not yet know what your life purpose is, discover it now. Don’t waste another second.

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  • 08/31/18--21:43: Process or outcomes?
  • Well, the answer is easy. It's not one or the other. Outcomes are about where you want to go and processes are about how to get there. This equation will never change, but you need to do certain things differently in today’s strategic initiatives. Read article.

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    Update: Fiona Hill, who has SpyGate and Soros connections, is considered the most likely anon (by citizen investigative journalists). Question: Did this person (or whoever the real mole is) THINK she was smarter than the guy who has delivered an unprecedented level of good for America in just a year and half? Watch Scott Adams' answer.

    That's the quality of New York Times and other dnc tabloids and networks.

    Hundreds of "Get him!" attempts failed. THIS TIME, however, it has to be real? If real, I don't understand why someone would tip off POTUS that there's a "sleeper cell" in the WH. So, if it is real, the anon must be an EVIL IDIOT.

    Anyway, the 48-hour rule is in effect right now. We'll know soon!

    Oh, BTW: In what way is this anon different from Q anon?

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    WhenHub founder and business cartoonist Scott Adams says "President Trump will be the last human leader the United States will ever have. After him, complex algorithms that humans created but no longer understand will determine our opinions, and those opinions will control politics."

    Watch his explanation. ONLY Trump (and no other republican) could have beat crooked hillary given that social media is RIGGED in favor of the democratic party.

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    Never lose the opportunity to watch an ORIGINAL because ...

    ... that is the ONLY place you get nothing-but-the-TRUTH ...

    ... in today's fake-news world created by the crime-complicit DNC media.

    The new leaked video, thanks to Breitbart, is neither anon nor opinion ... it was recorded at a google meeting! An ORIGINAL.

    The overall message is: google is MANIPULATING YOU and the people of the world.

    As if to confirm Scott Adams' prediction that Trump will be America's last HUMAN leader, google ceo pitchai says the company will use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to dupe the people of the world.

    Of course, he says it with nicer words. (Yup, a NICE EXTERIOR is faked where there are no morals, values, ethics, and substance.)

    Click to watch video.

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    Watch Scott Adams' OMG, OMG moment ...

    1. Leaders at one of the world's biggest public companies act as though they do not have any conservative employee OR any conservatives if present were not welcome. This is BIGOTRY by definition.

    2. ceo pitchai promises to change the political election result next time -- using google's tools. This is FASCISM by definition.

    An IBM or Accenture executive wouldn't do/say such things in a staff meeting. The google gang clearly is an enemy of the people of America and the World.

    First watch Scott's video. Fast forward to 6:05.

    Then watch the whole shocking video.

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    I agree with Stanford professor Bob Sutton. He's heard 75 definitions of "agile" from 75 folks.

    I was recently wondering why 75 different vendors and so-called experts were providing 75 different meanings for the term "strategy."

    Another abused term is "UX" ("design thinking" is a competing term and is fighting to survive). Don Norman was THE best in human-centric design back when he published the classic "The Design of Everyday Things." Sadly, he now uses the term UX and says the term includes "everything" (like a pizza with everything on it).

    In politics, labels (or name-calling) can be entertaining, directionally accurate, and very effective. The label "Avenatti" is currently defined as "a creepy porn lawyer." Avenatti defined himself as a champion of women. That lie didn't stick: He's been profiting by exploiting a woman who works at a strip club. (Typical hypocrite. Sadly, this is the kind of potential nominees the democratic party appears to have for 2020.)

    Let me return you to Sutton ...

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    Some leftist media outlets have already seen the unredacted version of docs detailing OBAMA DOJ ABUSES. As slaves of the DNC-led Deep State and complicit in DNC/DS crimes, they tried a coverup through relentless propaganda designed to deceive the people of America and the World.

    They succeeded in deceiving the people.

    I'm not a republican/democrat, not even an American citizen, BUT I love America, sharing a tiny bit of its culture and knowing very well what made it great. From this perspective, I could see the un-American and anti-American things that the DNC-led Deep State has been doing.

    Bad things have been happening for a long time, but a systematic culture of corruption was set up under obama. Fearing disclosure by Trump, who is an outsider, patriot, strategist, risk-taker, and doer, the leftist media started a fact-free smear campaign against him.

    Although I blogged frequently, these posts may provide some context to declassification:

    1. Dec 14, 2017 ... 1/2: In Obama-corrupted America, investigators need to be investigated

    2. May 02, 2018 ... America's worst and most complex WEB of scandals happened on Obama's watch

    During this horrifying coverup phase, conservatives showed above-human-level patience, decency, and sophisticated understanding imparted by a handful of citizen journalists. Had they lacked any of these qualities, there would have been a deadly civil war.

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    Taleb also said:
    If you see fraud and don’t call it fraud, you are a fraud.

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    Example 1/2

    Democrats are trying to stop, delay, or harass the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh. After all other stunts and lies failed, they tried to get a woman to falsely accuse the judge of sexual misconduct.

    The accuser says it happened some 40 years ago and that she doesn't remember basic details of the alleged event. (Juanita Broaddrick is watching.) Also, she's part of a Soros activist group (and she suddenly got outraged).

    Anyway, every woman's allegation should be heard, unless she was raped by a Democrat such as Keith Ellison, right? So the accuser was invited to testify.

    But the fraud wouldn't testify. She wants an FBI investigation !!!

    Example 2/2

    Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner are telling intel agencies to ignore the Presidential order on declassifying documents about obama-era crimes !!!

    Democrat voters are mostly low-info. They do not know that obstructing the POTUS from using his constitutionally assigned powers is sedition.

    And here's the response

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    A bunch of misfit aliens are trying to weaken and destroy a country that was discovered, designed, and built with ingenuity and hard work.

    Natarajan Subramanian is employed as an Auditor at the US Government Accountability Office.

    But an undercover sting video below shows that ...

    1. DURING GOV OFFICE HOURS, Natarajan Subramanian does something else. He boasts “... no one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA."

    2. Natarajan Subramanian volunteers for Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION. Subramanian has violated US gov rules that bar fed employees from political activism.

    3. Natarajan Subramanian says, "We want to DESTROY CAPITALISTS ... we are a bunch of COMMUNISTS ... we have some folks who are Trotskyists or Leninists."

    4. Natarajan Subramanian says government employees like himself can RESIST GOV POLICIES. “You can slowball things,” he says.

    A gov spokesman said, “We are aware of the undercover sting and investigating the serious issues it raises, and we have also communicated with the Inspector General.”

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    It doesn't matter where you're on the left-to-right spectrum.

    If you were deliberately forced to see FALSE information (or no information on something that matters), it means YOUR ABILITY to THINK & ACT correctly was STOLEN.

    Google has been doing this to you. With search results that have been deceiving you.

    It doesn't matter whether or not you liked the information. Regardless, you've been MANIPULATED and robbed. You are not in control. You LOST YOUR FREEDOM.

    Video of google-internal meeting that shows they own you as SLAVES: Watch here.

    And now more evidence from google-internal emails. Watch here.

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    The left's smear campaign to derail or delay the appointment of an SC judge has been both lawless and dangerous.

    Christine Blasey was introduced as an accuser of the candidate by democrat and Chinese spy enabler Feinstein. All 4 witnesses she named have denied her claim! Plus tons of other ugly stuff by the democrats (including death threats to the judge's daughters).

    The candidate, who has a beautiful family, is supposed to be against abortion. And Christine has been exposed as having links to a pharma company that makes abortion drugs. Makes sense.

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    The international human rights declaration is: "innocent until proven guilty."

    But the democrats have created and use the exact opposite principle against their opponents.

    Best example: all the politically-motivated false accusations against an SC judge nominee.

    More shocking: the accuser of the judge is supposed to have requested that the judge testify first !!! The human rights principle, on the other hand, says that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on the one who denies !!!

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    Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti plans to run for presidency ... did you notice he has 700,000+ Twitter followers? What does that tell you?

    Here's one more example that demonstrates the depravity of the left.

    Every single time you read a Trump tweet, you would have also seen spammy vile responses by the crass twins .... the Krassenstein twin brothers were identified as frauds by Homeland Security ... now they've been exposed via undercover sting as being paid by democrats for tweeting anti-Trump nonsense ...

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